About African Religion

As often when our topic refers to Africa, we image that is so natural with grasslands, everything emerge original and primitive scene. All indigenous residents namely aborigines as black skins and seldom clothes wrap their body. Certainly, we also can image mysterious religion and local indigenous culture. About African religion, actually there are mainly three religions in Africa: traditional religion, Islam and Christianity. Let us know about three of religions below, actually all of these information and culture to be gained from my black man friend as many experience for him such as travelling to many Europe countries, and working in sinosources, the largest B2B trade platform in China, also oversea study experience with 3 of languages speaking.

Traditional religion

Traditional religion is the religion of African black people with a long history and a broad social foundation. African traditional religion has its own characteristics, it is different from the world religion with a large number of classics, temples and monks, it has no written history and scripture. However, where there is no literature, people tend to have strong memory. Till now, some African traditional religions still use a special secret language, or ritual language, and this etiquette language is the dialect of the origin of the Sacrificial rites. This shows that although there are no classics to be found in African traditional religion, it passes on the etiquette from generation to generation through oral communication between teachers and students.


Traditional religion of African black people include many contents such as Nature worship, Ancestor worship, Totem worship, Tribal god worship and Supreme god worship. According to my opinion, their religious core content is respecting heaven and respecting origin. what is called heaven is nature; what is called origin is ancestors. Each African nation tends to believe in many gods, such as the Yoruba alone, which is said to have 1,700 gods, usually 401.



Islam was later introduced into Africa from the outside world. Africa accounts for 1/4 of the world’s 1 billion 600 million Muslims. They are mainly distributed in North Africa such as Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Somalia. In these countries, the Muslim population constitutes an absolute majority. For example, the Muslim population in Nigeria accounts for 50% of the total population, while the rest are Christian and indigenous religions.



Christianity was also later introduced into Africa from the outside world. Africa is now the base of Christianity. Half of the world’s Christian population is supported by Africa. Islam is the most common in North Africa, and Christianity is everywhere else. No other religion has ever worked so hard to preach to primitive tribes in Africa besides Christianity. In some African countries, Christians make up 98 percent of the total population as Equatorial Guinea, Cape Verde as 97 percent, Zambia about 95 percent, Seychelles not less than 94 percent, Rwanda around 93 percent, Uganda with 88 percent. Indeed, almost all of African countries has been occupied by local people who religion is Christianity.