The problem of photovoltaic supports

There are many loads on the basis of photovoltaic supports, including the self-weight, wind load, snow load, temperature load and seismic load of the support and PV modules. The main control function is the wind load, so the photovoltaic support foundation design should ensure the stability of the foundation under the wind load.

The problem of photovoltaic supports

The photovoltaic support base can be easily divided into two types: ground photovoltaic support foundation and flat roof photovoltaic support foundation, but it can be subdivided into many small categories. For example, in the ground photovoltaic support foundation, there are bored pile foundation, steel spiral foundation, independent foundation, reinforced concrete strip foundation, precast pile foundation and so on.steel l Profile Supplier

It is convenient to form the hole of the bored pile of the photovoltaic support, and the elevation of the top surface of the foundation can be adjusted according to the terrain, indicating that the top mark is easy to control. Moreover, the amount of concrete reinforcement is small, the amount of excavation is small, the construction is fast, and the original vegetation is less damaged, but it is not suitable for use in loose sandy soil layers.

The top elevation of the steel spiral foundation is not affected by groundwater, even if it is constructed as usual under winter weather conditions, the construction is fast. It is screwed into the soil by special machinery, and the vegetation in the field can be protected as much as possible without the need for site leveling. The screw pile can be used twice.

If the photovoltaic support adopts an independent foundation, it will have superior water load resistance and flood resistance and wind resistance. However, due to its long construction period and great environmental damage, it is rarely used in actual photovoltaic projects. Basically. For the flat roof photovoltaic support, there are two main foundations, one is the cement weight method, and the other is the precast cement weight, which also has its own advantages and disadvantages.