Crane parking system

With the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles in the past decade, urban roads have become narrower and narrower. It is a common demand of modern people to have their own parking spaces in crowded cities. Today, the parking space is in short supply. The crane parking system three-dimensional garage is gradually accepted by the general public. If you mark the project site of the three-dimensional garage on the map of the city, I believe that the map must be dense.

Crane parking system

However, everything has its double-sidedness. While the three-dimensional garage provides convenience for the majority of car owners, it sometimes makes some small tempers. Once the equipment has problems, the owner can only look at the car. The free maintenance period for general parking equipment is two years. After the maintenance period, some owners will no longer hand over the maintenance of the equipment to the three-dimensional garage company, but use their own property for equipment maintenance, although at the handover. At the time, the three-dimensional garage company will provide training for the corresponding property maintenance personnel, but the maintenance and fault repair of the three-dimensional garage can not be learned in three or two days. There are many problems solved by the experience accumulated over a long period of work.

The following is an analysis of the common faults of different three-dimensional parking equipment, hoping to give a hint and help to the maintenance personnel and customers of the three-dimensional garage.

First, the lifting and traversing stereo garage

Ordinary lifting and traversing stereo garage is generally between 2 and 6 floors

1. The balance chain structure is generally adopted in the pit. The three-dimensional garage runs smoothly and reliably. When the equipment is designed in the early stage, the pit depth and the verticality of the pit are the key. If several sets of equipment are connected in parallel, the pit length is long. The inspection of the hole should be especially noticed. If the previous survey is unclear, after the equipment is installed and debugged, there will be no problem at that time, but after use, the equipment will be found to be noisy. (If the foundation pit conditions do not meet the installation requirements, the installation needs to be dimensionally interfered with, and the equipment needs to be processed and dimensioned. Adjustment); the limit of the equipment is basically useless (because the pit depth is shallow, even if it is only in the bottom, the device is in the pit, and can not touch the loose chain switch); after a long time, after the vehicle is on the board, the board appears A certain degree of decline (check the brake disc clearance of the motor, especially the negative pits and negatives of the pit, and check it frequently).

2, the ground 2 ~ 6 layer three-dimensional garage structure is more common in the lifting and traversing stereo garage. The equipment is relatively mature, and it is only necessary to check the status of each component and the operation of the safety components in accordance with the maintenance manual. However, it should be noted that most of the lifting and traversing equipments do not have ultra-high photoelectricity. When the equipment is swiped and the garage has no management personnel, the super-high vehicle may easily cause the vehicle to collapse. This part can be adjusted within the program to add ultra-high photoelectric. When the ultra-high photoelectric is blocked by 3S, the system starts to alarm and the system cannot be started.

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