Steel production methods

Steel is a material of certain shape, size and performance that is produced by press working on steel ingots, billets or steel. Most steel processing is through plastic processing, which causes plastic deformation of the processed steel (blank, ingot, square steel tubing etc.). According to the different processing temperatures of steel, it can be divided into cold processing and hot processing.

Steel: A material of various shapes, sizes, and properties required for press forming of steel ingots, billets, or steel.

square steel tubing

Steel is widely used and widely used. According to the shape of the section, steel is generally divided into four categories: profiles, plates, pipes and metal products. In order to facilitate the production of steel, order supply and management, it is divided into Rail, light rail, large section steel, medium-sized steel, small section steel, steel cold-formed steel, high-quality steel, wire, medium-thick steel plate, thin steel plate, silicon steel sheet for electrician, strip steel, seamless steel tube steel, welded steel pipe, metal products, etc. .

Steel production methods:

1.Thermal processing

2.Deoxidation and ingot can produce boiling steel according to the degree of deoxidation, calming steel, semi-reinforcing steel

3.Smelting converter steelmaking method, open hearth steelmaking method, electric furnace steelmaking method

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